Fuck Yeah, I Like To Bitch!

Sep 08 2010
Sep 06 2010

Lmfao, don’t be bitchy at me, not my fault you’re a dumbass.

Sep 05 2010

I do not want my friends on tumblr, thats WHY I got tumblr so I could bitch about them and them not seeing it, it’s my online diary for fuck sakes. Stop liking EVERYTHING I post. I hate that you know everything i’m writing. Please. Go Home.

Sep 04 2010
Sep 02 2010

Anonymous said: So he makes me totally fall for him, then tells me he loves me. Hmm then doesn't contact me for a month. I try to text him but he only uses one word responses. I figure he's over me. Another month later he's acting totally in love with me again for a little under a week then is gone again for two months. I tell myself I'm done and never coming back but guess who left me a text this morning asking me to "come over right now?" so he's obviously using me. Which is awesome. I'm pissed that he thinks he can just call me thinking I'm some kind of whore? He flat out asks me to fuck him. I dont even send nudes or havnt made out with him before so idk why he expects this shit. I wish I could read his mind. At least understand a little bit why he's acting like this. Fuuuuuck you! <3


Sep 01 2010


Nothing hurts more than seeing my bestfriend upset.

I’m always going to be here for you no matter what. I want to be here to be your shoulder to cry on, if you need to watch sad movies with me and eat cookie dough, im here, and I love you so so so much.

You’re not going through this alone, I’m right beside you.

I love you.


Anonymous said: Failure isn't an option any more. Either I get to keep you, or I die inside.

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